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The EAP is designed to assist employees in a wide range of work-related and personal issues

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What is EAP

What is the Employee Assistance Program?

The EAP is a service for employees, faculty and staff and their household members. The EAP offers short term counseling and referral for problems ranging from work-related concerns to personal difficulties that affect an individual's everyday life. Your employer has arranged with Employee Consulting Associates (ECA) to provide this service to you and your household members at no cost. Dr. Michael J. Kahn is the Director of ECA.

Dr. Kahn may be reached by:

Telephone: 888-291-1524 or 973-761-5303
Fax: 973-761-5005
E-Mail: drmjkahn@aol.com or (click here for a direct link to Dr. Kahn's e-mail)


Questions About the Employee Assistance Program

How do you get EAP help?
Who is eligible and what does it cost?
What problems can the EAP help you to solve?
Is it confidential?
Does the EAP protect an employee from disciplinary actions?
Will there be a record placed in your personnel file?


Who is eligible and what does it cost?

The EAP is available to all employees and their immediate family members at no cost.

How do you get EAP help?

To schedule a confidential appointment with Dr. Kahn:

A meeting will be arranged at your work site, during work time or at a more confidential location after work hours. We will make every effort to be as flexible as possible and to accommodate the individual needs of all concerned.

Friends, associates or unions can refer employees by making a completely confidential telephone call to Dr. Kahn at ECA. Supervisors may refer an employees to the Employee Assistance Program by completing the Employee Assistance Program Referral Form locating in the Supervisor's Toolbox. Before referring an employee to the EAP, please review the information provided in the Supervisor's Toolbox. Click here to view.

What problems can the EAP help you to solve?

We all have problems from time to time and generally, we can solve them ourselves. Sometimes, however, we feel "stuck" in a particular situation which may begin to affect our work and home lives. We also can be affected by the problems of our family members or co-workers. If you have been struggling with a problem for two weeks or longer, or if you feel that you need support during a crisis, that is the time to call. Issues that are frequently addressed through the EAP include:

Career Lack of direction or dissatisfaction in career
Child Care Child care issues
Elder Care Elderly parents or family members
Family Relationship Problems Marital , children
Financial Budgeting, financial difficulties
Health, Health Care, Health Benefits HMO's, other health care providers
Mental Health Appropriate care referrals
Retirement, Disability Eligibility, processing, related issues,
Substance Abuse Alcohol, drugs or gambling
Work related issues Getting along with supervisors or coworkers, job performance, lateness and absenteeism, disciplinary problems, harassment, discrimination.


Is it confidential?

The EAP respects your right to receive private, confidential treatment. Unless you request it in writing, your concerns remain confidential and are never a part of your personnel file.

In such cases where there is a threat to personal safety, confidentiality is superseded by the Tarasoff Decision, which obliges the counselor to warn and protect against danger.


Does the EAP protect an employee from disciplinary actions?

Coming to the EAP does not protect you from discipline but can provide an alternative.

Will there be a record placed in your personnel file?

In no case is any personal information from your counseling session placed in your personnel file.


Additional Assistance and Information: