The Source


Addictions and Substance abuse

Al-Anon and Alateen,
self-help info for families and friends of alcoholics

Alcoholics Anonymous Net,
self-help info for alcohol/drug addictions

Cocaine Anonymous,
self-help info for cocaine addiction

Narcotics Anonymous,
self-help info for narcotic addiction

Nicotine Anonymous,
self-help info for nicotine addiction

Overeaters Anonymous,
self-help info for compulsive overeaters
Rational Recovery
self-help info for alcohol/drug addictions (non-spiritual approach)

Secular Organization for Sobriety,
self-help recovery method for alcoholics/drug addicts who are uncomfortable with the spiritual content of 12-Step programs

SCA - Sexual Compulsives Anonymous,
self-help info for men and women dealing with compulsive sexual behavior

SMART Recovery,
self-help program for alcohol/substance abuse (non-spiritual approach)

Women for Sobriety,
self-help program for women dealing with alcoholism and other addictions

Workaholics Anonymous,
self-help info for people addicted to work
Health/Mental Health

Alzheimers Association,
information on drugs/treatment options, caregiver resources, fact sheets, support group info

Centers for Disease Control,
health recommendations by geographic location, food and water precautions, disease outbreak info. -- a "must see" site for the traveler

Cyber Diet
a dieter's delight. Don't miss the "interactive nutritional profile" where you'll receive an instant evaluation

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Home Page
from acupuncture and Ayruvedic medicine to vision enhancement and yoga

Directory of Travel Clinics and Physicians
Traveling to far off places on your vacation? Here's an international listing of physicians specializing in tropical medicine, medical parasitology and traveler's health

A gateway consumer health info site from the U.S. Government

A free medical reference with disease and treatment, pharmacy, medical dictionary, poison control center, and news sections

Men's Health
Prevention's Healthy Man is a one-stop resource for men's health issues with dozens of articles on medicine, nutrition, exercise, etc. and the most curent info. to help men of all ages build a healthy lifestyle

The Prostate Cancer InfoLink
Should you be screened? Understanding diagnosis and treatment, getting help and support

Repetitive Strain Injury
lots of information about the condition that strikes people who type on keyboards

Women's Health
The Mayo Clinic's Health Oasis features dozens of articles dealing with women's health concerns
Y-Me National Breast Cancer Organization
cancer resources, early detection programs, monthly newsletter and information for anyone who has been touched by breast cancer
Legal/Consumer Info

Consumer Law Page
over 150 articles and brochures on topics of interest to consumers

Divorce Helpline Home Page
legal, practical, financial, and self-help information

The home page of Quackwatch, Inc., a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to combat health-related frauds, myths, fads and fallacies

Kelley Blue Book
check the retail or trade-in value for almost any car or truck model from the past 21 years


features many "financial decision calculators" - from buying a home to leasing a car and paying off installment loans. Also info on loan and credit card rates

Financial Aid Information Page
links to sources of information about student financial aid. Maintained by the author of "The Prentice Hall Guide to Scholarships and Fellowships for Math and Science Students"

Money Links
links that make "cents"

buying a home, estate planning, retirement planning, income taxes, & more
Career Resources

Career Mosaic
a wide range of job search self-help, as well as employment listings

Job Hunt
organized by career field, linked to other sites

Career Path
You can register to do on-line job searches here

Mapping Your Future
A "must-visit" if you have a high school student in the house! Guided tours explain how to choose a career, select a school and get financial aid. This site is sponsored by state agencies that administer the US Federal Family Education Loan Program.

National Directory of Internships
Online database of internship opportunities - one of the best ways to investigate a career and to find a job